Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Weightlessness - Of Lachrymose Grief (Graceless Recordings)

Weightlessness is a young death/doom project from California playing a style which is completely somber and emotionally draining. While the tape remains at a dismal doom pace for most of it's duration there are bursts of death metal fury that shine throughout, creating a balanced and aggressively depressive experience.

Somber guitar ushers in the first of four tracks, "The Fostering and the Adjournment". This is joined by a funeral paced plod and harsh whispered vocals. The music is very cyclical in nature, constantly flowing forth with a similar rhythm but fluently moving between delicate melodies and crushing riffs. Even when the pace is changed to a blast or an acoustic interlude the same haunting flow of the song remains, creating a familiarity, it feels as thought I've listened to the tape hundreds of times. It is apparent that sadness and general despondency serve as inspiration to the band, as with most bands of this style but Weightlessness makes you feel it. The second track opens with another intricate guitar interlude but soon the band begins their blasting charge, something feels different about the way they play death metal, a sluggishness pervades their music. Not born out of laziness but seemingly coming from the purest grief and released through this, a testament to sorrow.

The third and final original song, "Swallowed the Sun and the Moon" displays a different nature of Weightlessness' music, triumph. While it crawls forward an uplifting melody is present, displaying an unmatched power. It's as if they have harnessed negativity, found strength and unleashed it. The song still moves predominantly at a funeral pace but it contains harmonies that flow over the music and are beautifully played. The final track on this album is a cover of Black Sabbath's "Solitude" Weightlessness take the song and give it a complete death/doom rehashing with guest vocals from Mike Meacham from the mighty Loss. Mike's low, nearing guttural vocals played over the slow plod of Weightlessness' tortured rendition of the classic complement each other perfectly and are a worthy testament to the fathers of doom.

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"A showcase of music to the nature of life, emotions, and death" is how Weightlessness describes themselves, a more fitting description does not exist. Contained within this tape are moments of despair and also moments of triumph all displayed through doomed metal of death. Graceless Recordings is quickly becoming my favorite record label and this Weightlessness tape is another example of the label's ongoing dedication to releasing great dark music. The tape can be purchased from Graceless here, I strongly suggest you do so.

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