Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: It Only Gets Worse - Creation Myths

The first submission to Horn of Woe comes courtesy of this new collaboration between Matt Finney of Heinali and Matt Finney and Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, Cloak of Altering, etc. etc. Matt contacted me and said he had a new project with Mories and was wondering if I would be interested, of course I was. I am no stranger to Matt's work, the masterful droning soundscapes of his collaboration with Heinali had easily filled the hole the demise of the Angelic Process left, but it was much more than that as well. Rooted in the duos ability to create intense, emotional, and reflective music. Finney brings spoken word vocals and cripplingly personal lyrics over Mories instrumentals. Mories, for those of you who do not know, is a Dutch practitioner of all things depraved and noisy. His projects run the gambit from dark ambient to black metal nearly always falling somewhere between the two. A creator of some of the most challenging and forward thinking music lends his instrumental talents to this three track EP.

Beginning with "Dropped" immediately heavy synthetic drums pound along with distant floating synths. The tone of this album is reflective from the offset, clouded like a distant memory. Over the fluttering synths and mechanic drums a simple, subdued synth plays a coldly mournful melody. The instrumentation is joined by Finney's spoken word. Calm, whispered vocals guide the listener through Finney's despondent lyrics. The music acts as a platform for him to lay bear his poetic expressions ripe with illusions to longing, regret, and failure. The words are deeply personal, covering lost love, dysfunction, hurt. Perfectly accompanied by the synth work of Mories, the two work together to create a cloud of negative emotion, both pouring themselves into the project. The second track "Indian Summer" displays more upbeat percussion, rhythmic yet distant, while synths glide and Finney whispers pure melancholy. The final track "Creation Myths" makes use of choral vocal sampling to add yet another grief stricken layer to the music. Finney utilizes dark humor saying, "knew that his death would at least get this album some critical acclaim" proving yet again that his ability to use words is nearly unparalleled. What Finney writes is poetry, plain and simple, and Mories provides the perfect soundtrack to his dark and reflective whispers.

It Only Gets Worse successfully straddles the line between it's two creator's works. A plodding, post-industrial synth filled drone scape ripe with vivid whispered lyrics. Mories brings his dark instrumental ability into new realms, focusing less on noise and more on slithering synth compositions, while Finney continues to write some of the most personal and heart-felt lyrics I have ever experienced. These two musicians work extraordinarily well together and I hope that soon their paths cross again. Find the album on bandcamp here, you won't be sorry you did.

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