Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Urzeit - Urzeit (Psychic Violence Records)

Urzeit is a project based in Portland, Oregon playing a vicious form of black metal. Formed by two members, A.L.N. of the excellent blackened doom project Mizmor and R.F. of the mighty Ash Borer. Needless to say with that lineup I had high expectations for this tape, and unsurprisingly it does not disappoint.

The tape consists of three rather short tracks and right off the bat Urzeit brings fury, ripping guitar riffs are at full speed immediately, accompanied by blasting drums. Most of the tape is played at an extreme speed which makes the occasional foot stomping riff even more devastating. The end segment of the first track "Erdboden Gleichmachen" is a perfect example, the song blisters forward for most of it's duration until suddenly heavy riffs erupt, ending the song perfectly. The vocals are mainly traditional black metal rasps but occasionally the band will throw in a deep cavernous growl. Most of the tape follows the same basic formula but this approach is surprisingly not limiting. Where Urzeit's strength lies is in their ability to simply write a great black metal song. No surprises and no frills seems to be the formula and hopefully that won't change. This tape is unfortunately sold out but you can stream and buy it at the band's bandcamp.

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