Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Label Spotlight: Primal Vomit Records

Primal Vomit Records is a record label based in Jacksonville, Florida run by Sam Morgan. Specializing in black metal and almost every variation of the genre, P.V.R. has an extensive roster. I recently received a number of cassettes the label released between 2010 and 2012 and while they are not new releases they deserve your attention.

Ov - Pleasure

This demo, released in 2011 is pure audial filth. Ov plays a style of black metal that is extremely muddy and death metal influenced. Alternating between blasting madness and slow doomed out death metal passages this tape is full of variety. This album features no guitar, only bass giving the tape a low end, pulsating feeling. The bass riffs are extremely distorted, they tend to meld together creating a claustrophobic wall of sound. Some of the riffs have an almost punk like feel, this mixture of primitive playing and raw production values is the foundation of this release. The recording is very lo-fi but in Ov's case this is an advantage, the raw recording gives the tape a decrepit atmosphere, dripping with misanthropy and malice. The vocals are performed in a hoarse rasp, the perfect accompaniment to the music. Ov is a great example of black and death metal being mixed in an interesting way. The two genres are combined so often it is easy to sound like one's contemporaries, Ov is an exception. By adding punk influence and a great variation of tempos they distance themselves from the heard. According to the Metal Archives the status of the project is unknown, hopefully Ov will surface again and release another monster.

Vomikaust - Morbid Way to Suffer

Thrashing black metal is Vomikaust's specialty. This is the most violent release featured in this spotlight and once you hear it you'll immediately understand why. This entire tape is full of evil riffs over frantic blasts. The guitar tone on this tape is perfect, thick and distorted but clear enough to fully hear all the great riffs. Equal parts black and thrash Vomikaust's strength lies in a similar territory as Ov's, in the ability to seamlessly meld two genres into an interesting, cohesive whole. Yes there are elements of black metal: blast beats, tremolo picks, rasps, but there are also thrash elements like interesting and riff heavy guitar leads and the occasional Tom Araya-esque scream. The band also throws in an awesome cover of Von's "Devil Pig", this is one of the few instances a cover surpasses the original. I absolutely love Von but Vomikaust add a certain furry to the track that gives the rather one dimensional song a completely new and revamped feel. Everything about this release is smothering and oppressive, the fourteen minutes fly by in a furious rage, and it provides another example of P.V.R.'s dedication to all forms of the unholy genre of black metal. 

Ill-Tolerance - Prospects of Terror

The final release highlighted here is the second demo from the two piece, ski mask clad, Ill-Tolerance. Playing a mixture of numerous styles including black metal, grindcore, and powerviolence, that is melodic while still maintaining an extremely vicious edge. The guitar tone is thick and the riffs are crushingly heavy. There is a sense of the pummeling brutality utilized by many of the forefathers of the powerviolence genre like Infest or Crossed Out. This mixed seamlessly with black metal blasts and rasps makes the tape a full force onslaught. Each song is very distinct, containing different rhythms and grooves, something that can often be lost in a record so rooted in grindcore and powerviolence. Melody plays a large role here, while the genre tends to steer clear of melodic sensibilities Ill-Tolerance uses them as an advantage, even if not at the forefront there are hidden, lingering melodies. This is quite a unique project with a distinct sound. The band is still active so hopefully they will release something new soon.

This concludes my spotlight on P.V.R. and I've only scratched the surface of what this label has to offer. Other acts like Floridian Winter, Ives, and Fields of Passing also demonstrate P.V.R.'s stedfast dedication to the underground. Find them on Facebook here and at their blogspot.

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